Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Reading Program

Join us for our young adult reading program..."peak your interest!"

What is this you ask? Well, let me tell you.

We are challenging you to climb mountains of books this summer with chances to win great weekly give-aways and a tremendous grand prize! Visit the peak of the library (3rd floor) and have the sherpas (librarians) guide you thru your climbing (reading) log and on to the peaks! It works like this:
for every book you read, you get a weekly drawing entry form--these are for the, um, weekly drawings starting on june 14th.
once you read to the top of the peak, you will also get the a entry form for the grand prize AND still get weekly drawing entries! You have two ways to win... cool, huh?!? What is the grand prize you ask? Thunder Mountain - a prize just for TEENS - read just 8 books. This prize includes: gift cards to edwards theaters, the grand teton mall and heise hot springs.

Questions? Talk to me or any of the sherpas!!
See you soon in the library! Susannah

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